Here is some of the great work done by JL Gonzalez and Goez Art Studio 

In early 1960's he or she had been beginning to industry woodcarvings under the name associated with GOEZ, in the GreatTraditional western within the capital of scotland Commerce, by 1969 Gonzalez chose to commence a skill studio as well as Hand Turntable Trailer gallery insidetown, he or she called his buddy Juan who had been in Spain during the time ahead as well as help him or hercreate the particular Goez Fine art Studio and Gallery inside Eastern La; (a single) that was the very first fine art studio as well as art gallery in surrey, the united kingdom to be able to dedicate the resources to be able to Chicano fine art and also designers, Juan asked Jesse Botelloa pal from Senior High School to participate in the development of the actual fine art center, whilst Gonzalez welcome Robert Arenivar who was simply really gifted as an artist, in the interpretation of a style or idea into adesign that Became an essential share for the creation of numerous paintings and fashions.Certainly one of Gonzalez' very first jobs locally had been the style as well as installation of a large muralshowing the particular apparition of La Virgen p Guadalupe to the Indian native Juan Senke finished in 1969performed in mosaics, as well as graced together with hand created pebble figurines, this project has been funded through UtterMckinley Mortuary.

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Following a devastating Sylmar Earth quake of 1971, the actual Archdiocese regarding L . A . selectedGonzalez to go the actual refurbishment endeavours of the beneficial variety of hand designed wooden statuesfrom the San Fernando Mission and also the entertainment of the artwork on the wall space and also cross-bow supports within the inside regardingthe particular Quest that was painted through the Indians in 1797. (1)

J.D. was commissioned to bring back the particular Shutters Gloucestershire pebble sarcophagus that included ashes of Mahatma Gandhifor your Self Realization Fellowship.

Gonzalez' jobs reflect his / her revolutionary spirit, the particular Goez Artwork Studio room and Gallery, including the actualGoez Institute of Murals and also Good Arts, continues to be in charge of many paintings gracing maindevelopments inside the L . A . area.

One of the first Chicano paintings created at GOEZ had been the actual mural entitled "The Start of our own Art" which usuallyadditionally urged and also trained other performers to participate in in case of piece of art paintings since themovement that would spread throughout our nation.